What We Offer

Digitized training and monitoring services

We develop end-to-end e-solutions for vocational training and building best-in-class multimedia e-learning platforms, integrated with back-end analytics to ensure seamless training, monitoring and reporting.

Platform connecting prospective students to their trainers, employers and enthusiastic providers.

Experiential learning through gamification and digitized curriculum

Real-time performance tracking

Employees get access to information like availability of skilled manpower location and trade wise

Career counselling cell

Affordable upskilling and re-skilling programs available on the same platform

Our Advantage at each stage across the skill value chain


Mobile Vans with 360 degree videos of student journey


MQR code scanning to make the enrollment process extremely efficient and reduce manual recording of dates to minimise efforts and duplication


Experiential learning
Interesting Quizzes
Engaging videos with voiceovers
Real time performance tracking


Interesting quizzes, self-tests etc


Connects employers to skilled candidates
Reports real time information on location and trade wise availability of manpower

Post Placement Support

Career counseling cell
Alumni mentorship support
Refer a friend feature

Re-skilling and Up-skilling

Personalised recommendations to candidate to upgrade their skills based on their current skills

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