Our Purpose

Empowering the rural youth through education, technology and financial inclusion


The dismal youth employment scenario in India is something all are aware of. The growing mismatch between the demand and supply of skilled labour exists across all sectors. Various market experts have predicted that hundreds of millions of our youth will be unemployed by 2022. The current rate at which we are heading, we are far from efficiently tackling the impending employment crisis. It is the need of the hour to build an education system that is practical and links directly to the requirements of the industries.

We need to catalyze vocational training to fill the gap that school and college education is not necessarily covering when it comes to equipping young people for the workplace. Also, for many who are unable to complete college or even school education because of varied external factors, vocational training gives them a chance to become employable and earn a decent living.

Although funding for skills development is being provided through a range of different Federal and State Ministries, with approximately 80 schemes that fund vocational training, many challenges exist across key players. These challenges become a hindrance in the implementation, ultimately causing the impact of the entire process being mitigated.

We at UpSkill are trying to address the human capital challenge by providing easy access to vocational training via technological interventions in the traditional teaching methods.

“Skill India mission is not merely to fill pockets but to bring a sense of self-confidence among those who are in need.”

Narendra Modi,
PM, India.

“All of us do not have equal talent. But, all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents.”

DR. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam,
Former president, India.

“With Digital India initiative, India’s next generation has an opportunity to bring India to the world and the world to India.”

Mark Zuckerberg,
Chairman, Facebook.