Our Beneficiaries


UpSkill supports students, teachers and administrators

  • Single portal for learning, self-assessment, grading, reporting, revising and recruiting.
  • Standardized e-content.
  • In line with NCVT and SSC guidelines.
  • Easy to learn and retain pedagogy.
  • Easy to access when needed.
  • Updated content to match industry innovations.
  • Access to high quality accredited e-content.
  • Automatic data capture of students' learning progress.
  • Flexibility of location due to digitization.
  • Single-point reporting across different programs.
  • Single point reporting and MIS for internal management.
  • Quality assurance due to standardized and accredited training and assessment.
  • Access to information of trade and location specific skilled manpower.
  • Facility to submit requests for trained people in particular locations.
  • Higher staff output given their access to ready references of digital curriculum.
  • Easy to process and track upskilling after initial hiring.
Govt/Monitoring bodies
  • Single-point monitoring platform across all funded programs.
  • Authentic real-time data across geographic schemes and trades.
  • Multiple reporting formats.
  • Higher quality student output due to digitized content.
  • Connected directly to geo-tagged biometric devices for authentic attendance data.